Celebrating 10 Million Members in Brazil [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 16, 2012

Editor’s Note: This blog post is also available in Portugese, naturally.

Today, I’m proud to share that we now have more than 10 million LinkedIn members in Brazil. Our growth in this market has been truly incredible to witness. When we made LinkedIn available in Portuguese in April 2010, we had just over one million members. And when I joined LinkedIn as country manager in November 2011, we had already leapt to six million members.

Ten Things About LinkedIn Members in Brazil Infographic

[Start Infographic]
Headline: Ten Things About LinkedIn Members in Brazil
We've grown from 1,000,000 members to 10,000,000 members in two years:
1. April, 2010 - 1,000,000
2. August, 2010 - 2,000,000
3. March, 2011 - 3,000,000
4. November, 2011 - 6,000,000
5. October, 2011 - 10,000,000
The top regions across Brazil for LinkedIn membership:
1. Belo Horizonte
2. Rio de Janiero
3. Sao Paulo
The three biggest industries in Brazil on LinkedIn:
1. Manufacturing & Industrial
2. Technology & Softward
3. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Number of LinkedIn professionals in Brazil who have "DJ" in their title: 1,585
Number of LinkedIn professionals in Brazil who have "futbol" in their title: 903
The most popular name for a CEO on LinkedIn in Brazil: Roberto
Total number of LinkedIn groups created by memebers in Brazil: 1,892
Companies in Brazil with the most employees on LinkedIn:
1. Petrobras
2. Itau Unibanco
3. Banco do Brasil
Top universities by LinkedIn membership in Brazil:
1. Fundacao Getuilo Vargas
2. Universidade Paulista
3. Universidade de Sao Paulo
Top LinkedIn Skills for members in Brazil:
1. Microsoft Office (127,529 members have this skill listed on their profile)
2. PowerPoint (111,357)
3. Marketing (73,866)
4. English (60,890)
5. Negotiation (55,863)
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With this milestone, we are now the third largest member market on LinkedIn alongside the UK, which just passed the 10 million member mark last month. It’s been my honor to watch the member base grow here in Brazil. There are a growing number of opportunities for Brazilian professionals and it’s great to see them turning to LinkedIn to build their professional profile, grow their global network, gain relevant business insights or seek out their dream career.

Our data team uncovered some interesting facts about our members in Brazil:

      • Top Industries: Manufacturing & Industrial, Technology & Software, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
      • Top Skills: ‘English’ is one of the top 10 skills Brazilian members have listed on their profiles, as many are likely doing business both throughout the Americas and worldwide.
      • Passion for Soccer: Given our nation’s love of (and talent for) soccer, it’s not surprising that there are over 900 members who have ‘soccer’ in their current job title.
      • Love of Music: While it may not be their main day job, over 1,500 members in Brazil are passionate about music, as they have ‘DJ’ in their current title.

It is our mission at LinkedIn to make the world’s professionals more productive and successful and it’s my hope we can continue to help Brazilian members realize their professional goals on LinkedIn. Here’s to many more milestones!