Back in BlackBerry: A Jammin’ Upgrade to the LinkedIn BlackBerry App

October 23, 2012

We know you’re “going places.” Fortunately, there’s another way now to access the power of LinkedIn while you’re on the go! Today, LinkedIn launches a completely revamped LinkedIn for BlackBerry app for BB6 and BB7 users to make the LinkedIn mobile experience simpler, better, and faster. BlackBerry has always had a strong global professional following, so you’ll find the new LinkedIn for BlackBerry app now also available in 8 new languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Hindi, and Portuguese.

Download LinkedIn for BlackBerry 6 and 7

The new app offers the power of LinkedIn with new features and functionality, now organized in four areas:

  1. Updates: See your network’s new connections, job changes, and shared posts from the stream, as well as top news from LinkedIn Today.
  2. Inbox: View and respond to your invitations and messages both in the same place.
  3. You: Review your profile, see who’s viewed your profile, or share an update.
  4. Network: Add people you may know or look through your connections.

And here are three easy ways to start using the new and improved LinkedIn app on Blackberry to be productive and successful while you’re out and about.

1. About to have a meeting with a client?
Learn more about that person on your way to the meeting, so you can talk about something other than the weather.

2. Got a couple minutes to spare while waiting for public transit?
See what's trending in the industries you’re following, so you can be the most interesting person at the cocktail party.

3. Need an ego boost?
Check out who's viewed your profile; you never know who’s interested in you and your skills!

Try the new LinkedIn for BlackBerry app and go be great at your job!

We’re really excited to be delivering a brand new experience on BlackBerry today and encourage you to join our LinkedIn for BlackBerry Group to tell us what you think!