Cycling in Autumn: LinkedIn Hong Kong's First inDay

October 24, 2012

The inDay theme for October was 'Health and Wellness' and also marked the Hong Kong office's first inDay since its opening 7 months ago. This was our office's first opportunity to enjoy time away from our desks and the hustle bustle of the city to spend time together cycling under the lovely Autumn sunshine.

The usual business shirts and high heels were swapped for comfortable sneakers and sunglasses to ride along the Tai Mei Tuk embankment overlooking the beautiful Plover Cove Reservoir. As a start-up office, we have the luxury of maintaining a tight-knit group regardless of function and role but it was still wonderfully refreshing leaving the office environment, fitting in a bit of moderate exercise while being able to catch up with colleagues from other teams on a more personal level. It was definitely energizing spending time outdoors and breathing some fresh air!

Ultimately, we want to make sure that as the office grows, future inDays can help us facilitate and nurture the same start-up culture that we value globally across all our LinkedIn offices. With this inDay being such a huge success, we're looking forward to many more to come as the office expands, not just to reward ourselves and encourage our creative juices to run, but also to give back to this amazing city that we live in!

Here's a photo slideshow of October inDay from other LinkedIn offices.

Editor's Note: Once a month, we set aside a Friday for employees to focus on investing in themselves and their community. It’s a day to spend time outside their daily task list and transform. Check out other inDay posts here