50 Days in My Life as a LinkedIn Evangelist [SLIDESHOW]

October 29, 2012


I often get quizzical looks when I tell people my title, Higher Education Evangelist at LinkedIn. It is indeed a unique role within the company, one that I feel incredibly lucky to have. I spend my days speaking to higher education audiences about social media (particularly LinkedIn) while wearing sweater vests (to pay homage to Silicon Valley I've added the hoodie). Specifically, I help professionals in higher education understand how to better utilize LinkedIn to communicate, build community, engage alumni, qualify fundraising leads and redefine the job search to students and alumni.

How do I accomplish this? Through lots of travel and countless speaking engagements during which I passionately champion LinkedIn as a \"directory of dreams\" to everyone I meet. The best part is that I have the opportunity to meet incredible professionals and hear their stories.

Here's a glimpse of 50 days in my life as a Higher Education Evangelist – join me as I travel 48,380 miles across 14 cities to meet 2,371 higher education professionals.