New Ways to Get Insights from LinkedIn Influencers

January 29, 2013

In October 2012, we launched the ability for members to follow an exclusive group of Influencers and thought leaders who are sharing their knowledge and insights with our 200 million members. Today, the list of influencers has grown to 220 leading professional voices, from the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic to the Chief Scientist at The topics have been equally wide-ranging: The head of a non-profit explaining how to take a sick day; a world-renowned venture capitalist detailing China's problem with paid spammers (and how to fight back); a bond king asking what we can learn from nepotism in professional football; and an organizational psychologist on why we hate teams at work.

Collectively, these influencers have already posted more than 2,300 original posts on LinkedIn. We have much more planned this year to make it even easier for you to find relevant content, share that content, and directly engage in the millions of professional conversations that are taking place across LinkedIn.

We’ve continuously been improving the experience since launch and have introduced new ways to help you find and access all this great content from our influencers, including:

  • Enhanced search filters – we’ve made it easier to quickly search and access influencer posts that matter most to you by using new filters such as "recent posts", “top posts", "following", and more
  • Content discovery modules - we've introduced new discovery modules to help you find more relevant content based on the people you're following and the posts you're reading
  • Read posts from Influencer profiles – we know you’re probably viewing profiles of professionals you care about on LinkedIn already and now you’re able to follow them and access their recent posts directly from their profiles

Today we also launched a fun campaign where we asked our influencers to share a “view from my desk.” They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we look forward to getting a peek into what inspires and surrounds some of the most powerful leaders as they make business decisions throughout their day. As you can see, we’ve been keeping busy and have no plans to slow down. We have much more in store, including more one-of-a-kind insights that you can’t find anywhere else from new and existing influencers, and more ways to share these insights with your professional peers. Make sure to follow one of our 220 influencers today and share with us and others on LinkedIn your thoughts and ideas for what issues are impacting your professional community.

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