Celebrating a Growing Community of 100,000 Women

January 30, 2013


When you have a question about your career, do you know the right people to run your problems and ideas by? We launched Connect: Professional Women's Network, powered by Citi last April to provide women this space to openly discuss the professional topics on their radar and learn how to advance their careers. Nine months later, the community has grown to more than 100,000 members deeply engaged in conversations about things like starting your first job, reinventing your career and launching a business.

I'm amazed not only by how fast we've grown, but the kind of connections that are forming through online conversations and face-to-face events. Our members are located all over the world and across a variety of industries, but the common thread is how invested they are in their careers and how much they want to help fellow group members be successful in theirs.

To celebrate this big occasion, here are some of the top members and discussions that have made Connect one of the most engaged groups on LinkedIn.

Most Active and Influential Members:
Elena Filimonova 
Valarie Sparks
Cynthia Lofton
Linda Foley
Jackie Mulrooney

Top Discussions:
If you could change any part of your career, what would it be?
What word will define you in 2013?
Women Breadwinners: Do you love it, like, it or resent it?
How do you balance work, family, plan and sanity?
Write your life story in six words

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