The Top 10 Posts of the Week: Asking Warren Buffett for Money, Celebrating Laryngitis and More

February 10, 2013

Warren Buffett may be the third-wealthiest man in the world, but that doesn’t mean he writes checks easily. Learn what it’s like to be rejected by America’s favorite billionaire octogenarian, plus more, in this week’s top Influencer posts.

What’s It Like to Ask Warren Buffett for Money? (John A. Bryne) How does it feel to be turned down by Buffett? Just ask Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard, who is raising $500 million for a new campus – without much help from the Oracle of Omaha.

Why We’re Betting on Manufacturing (Jeff Immelt) America can experience a comeback in manufacturing if it focuses on four key drivers of productivity, says GE CEO Jeff Immelt. He explains why better data is so important, and why his company is betting on 3-D printing.

Top 10 Reasons Paying Banks Execs in More Stock is a Bad Idea (Sallie Krawcheck)Banks are handing out more stock to senior executives, in hopes that such a move will align the company’s leaders with investors. Big mistake, says Wall Street executive Sallie Krawcheck. Stock-based compensation will only encourage more risk-taking and short-term thinking, she says. Her alternative? Paying bankers in bonds. Photo: Mikebaird, Flickr

3 Amazing Life Lessons from a Chance Encounter (Dave Kerpen) When author and social-media whiz Dave Kerpen sat next to New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg on a plane, he got a surprise lesson in creating a legacy.

Can I Tell You a Secret About Airport Security? (Christopher Elliott) The Transportation Security Administration refuses to tell us much about its operations, citing security concerns. Has its culture of secrecy gone too far?

Globalization: The Trend That Is Dramatically Changing Video Games (Rajat Taneja) After a video-game maker creates a hit in the U.S., there's a new challenge: adapting it for China. Electronic Art's chief technology officer, Rajat Taneja, reveals how that happens.

The 21-Day Challenge: No Phone in the Company of Others (Naomi Simson)Australian entrepreneur Naomi Simson has made a pledge: For three weeks, she won’t pull out her iPhone around people. It’s not a ploy to dodge emails; Simson wants to experience conversations again.

Can You Hear Me? (Beth Comstock) There’s a surprise upside to laryngitis. After losing your voice, you quickly learn one of the most critical skills in business: listening.

Something’s Fishy (Nancy Kruse) Vietnamese fish sauce may not take the place of salt and pepper on our tables, but look for this increasingly popular ingredient to occupy a niche alongside wasabi and kimchi, says trend tracker Nancy Kruse. Photo: Malias, Flickr

Creativity’s Role in Education (Tim Brown)Science and art don’t have to be at odds in education. IDEO CEO Tim Brown, reflecting on his experience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, explains how the two subjects can co-exist, with creative work inspiring more technical innovation.

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