Working the Room When You're the Shyest Person In It [SLIDESHOW]

February 11, 2013


Career experts stress the importance of networking in creating the career you want, but for introverts, the task can be especially daunting. An evening exchanging business cards and elevator pitches in a crowded bar feels more like a nightmare than a smart career move. But expanding your professional network and letting them know where you want to be can have a profound impact on actually getting you there.

So what's an introvert to do?

A recent discussion in Connect: Professional Women's Network made me realize there are plenty of ways introverts can ease into networking events -- and even come to enjoy them. It's all about your perspective and how you handle the event — from pretending you're the host to wearing colors that attract people to you. We've compiled some of the best tips from Connect members in this SlideShare. If you have any other networking secrets, be sure to let us know!

Networking for Introverts (Really!) from Connect: Professional Women's Network