1 Billion Endorsements Given on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 6, 2013


Are you one of the 58 million professionals who have been recognized for their skills and expertise on LinkedIn? Skill endorsements are a great way to help build your professional brand, in fact you’re 4 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you’ve been endorsed. It’s also an effective tool to recognize the wonderful strengths of your colleagues and peers who you’ve worked with first hand.

In less than six months, 1 billion endorsements have been given out on LinkedIn representing thousands of skills, ranging from Visual C to Water Treatment and Creative Writing to Fitness. Did you know giving and receiving endorsements also helps members beef up their profiles? Not only have we seen a 2x weekly increase in recommendations since the launch of endorsements, members are also actively adding new skills to their profiles to showcase their full expertise. Not to mention the many, many coffee dates we know are being scheduled as a result.

We know how important it is for you to showcase your professional best on LinkedIn and we’ve made it easy for you manage what endorsements show up on your profile. This can be handy when someone visits your profile (think recruiter, business partner, or customer), so they can quickly see your top strengths and the diverse skills you bring to the table. With more eyeballs on your profile, you may even want to use the opportunity to spruce up your profile, such as adding a particular project or work experience to go alongside the endorsements you’ve gathered from your peers.

1 billion is a big number to take in, so we’ve pulled together a fun breakdown of the top skills endorsed and who is giving and receiving them on LinkedIn.

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Reaching 1 Billion Endorsements

Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging with your LinkedIn network. Here's a look at how endorsements help you put your best foot forward and give you an easy way to recognize your colleagues.

Giving and Receiving

Two of the most memorable endorsements:

First Endorsement: Visual C

Billionth Endorsement: Water Treatment

Since launch, members have given 50 Million endorsements per week.

More than 18 Million people have given endorsements.

And over 58 Million people have been endorsed for their skills and expertise.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Endorsements are helping members build out their professional profiles and make them 4x more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn.

1 Billion endorsements have lead to a 2x increase in recommendations and a 2x increase in skills added.

What's Being Endorsed?

Top Ten Endorsements (Based on number of endorsements given)

1. Strategic Planning
2. Customer Service
3. Microsoft Office
4. Project Management
5. Recruiting
6. Public Speaking
7. New Business Development
8. Marketing Strategy
9. Telecommunications
10. Social Media

There are tens of thousands of skills and areas of expertise represented on LinkedIn today. Check out the diverse range of skills that are being highly endorsed.

Fitness: 435,000 endorsements
Negotiation: 3,700,000 endorsements
Storytelling: 267,000 endorsements
Disaster Recovery: 890,000 endorsements
Tourism: 760,000 endorsements
Wine: 298,000 endorsements
Food Service: 251,000 endorsements
Renewable Energy: 671,000 endorsements
Preaching: 410,000 endorsements
Grant Writing: 687,000 endorsements
Mining: 577,000 endorsements
Adult Education: 253,000 endorsements
Creative Writing: 612,000 endorsements
Photography: 1,600,000 endorsements

Data as of 2/26/13

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