The Evolution of LinkedIn [SLIDESHOW]

May 6, 2013


From our humble beginnings in a living room in Palo Alto to today’s 26 offices around the world, LinkedIn has become a global destination for more than 225 million professionals around the world.

We started out as a network for professionals to build their professional identities and connect with one another. As our products have evolved over the past ten years, LinkedIn has changed the way professionals work and has shifted some fundamental business habits.  The way professionals connect with one another, find and pursue new business opportunities, discover and share information and insights, as well as how companies are finding the right talent for the right opportunity, have all forever changed with the power of LinkedIn.

Join me in taking a look back at the evolution of and how we’ve transformed the way professionals work.

It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without you, our wonderful members. We’re excited to continue bringing you delightful experiences everyday to help you be great at what you do.