Members First on InDay and Every Day

June 14, 2013

Once a month, we set aside a Friday for employees to think creatively, work on innovative projects, and invest in their careers. We call this InDay. Today, our InDay theme reinforces a philosophy we live and breathe every day at LinkedIn, Members First. Everything we build at LinkedIn is dedicated to furthering our mission of connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

This InDay, my colleagues and I are participating in two global initiatives that put our members at the center: Customer Experience Week and Interview a Member.

Customer Experience Week
Customer Experience Week EMEA
Since 2011, hundreds of employees have participated in Customer Experience Week during which they sit with our Global Customer Operations team for an hour responding to member questions and concerns via email and live chat. During this session, employees have the opportunity to dive deep into member feedback on specific product areas they work on. This initiative has been an incredible way for employees across the company, from Product to Engineering to Marketing, to get feedback directly from our members, which have influenced product road maps and important decisions.

Interview a Member

interview a member
This InDay also inspired our Market Research and User Experience Design Research teams to launch the “Interview a Member” initiative for employees. Moved by the stories they hear from our members everyday, the Research team wanted to bring a little of that magic to their colleagues by encouraging us to get out of our cubes and talk to members directly. Every employee across the company has been armed with tools to conduct a brief interview with a member and capture it all on video to share company-wide. These videos will then be analyzed by the Research team to highlight surprising stories and identify opportunities to improve experiences for our members. Our hope is that by participating in this initiative, employees will be inspired to make changes and to dream up brand new ideas that benefit our members.

At LinkedIn, we are focused on our “Members First” every day, helping each of you show the world who you are, make the most of who you know, and build upon what you know. We want to hear from you today and every day about how we’re doing. Please share your stories, feedback, and questions with us on our LinkedIn Company Page or on Twitter @LinkedIn.

Photo Credit: "Interview a Member" - Mike Youngblood