Summer Reading List for Job Seekers [SLIDESHOW]

June 28, 2013

No matter how long you’ve been out of school, June calls up memories of the first glorious days of summer vacation. For me, that meant lazing in the sun reading a great book.

As I’ve grown older, summer still feels like the season of reading. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a straw bag full of “beach reads,” like suspense novels and fashion magazines (although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few of those). Summer can be a great time to fill your brain with business, particularly if you’re involved in a job hunt.

Reading can help your job hunt and career in numerous ways:

  • Reading books, articles and news related to your industry will keep your skills and knowledge sharp, and help you to feel and sound “in the know” at networking events and during other professional interactions. As Harry Truman once said, “leaders are readers.”
  • Reading insights from successful people and business experts may spark new thinking or a jolt of inspiration about your career planning or job hunting tactics.
  • Reading helps you discover great content to share with people in your LinkedIn network. This builds your relationships with the connections who see your updates and provides opportunities for people to keep you in mind when they hear about jobs in your field. (p.s. If you post an article that would really resonate with one person in particular, LinkedIn now offers the ability to “mention” a LinkedIn connection in any post you share by typing in that person’s name. For example, “Check out what Bill Gates said he has learned from Warren Buffett -- you will particularly enjoy this, Jane Smith!”)

To help you achieve these outcomes and others, here is your unofficial LinkedIn summer reading list, including four books, two blog posts and an ongoing daily assignment: