Introducing SlideShare's New Infographics Player

July 25, 2013

Got infographics? Upload, discover and share infographics with SlideShare's optimized infographics player!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new player on Slideshare specifically for infographics. Though we have hosted infographics in the past, our new player optimizes the viewing experience of the increasingly important content type.

Like all SlideShares, a viewer can easily share infographics on social channels and embed them on other sites. Uploaders can see how many views, downloads and embeds their infographics have garnered. SlideShare PRO users now have enhanced analytics, which include graphs and the ability to drill down on data.

The new player automatically detects an infographic upon upload, includes it in the infographic directory and displays it for best viewing. Infographics need to be saved and uploaded in a one-page PDF format.

Below are some examples of infographics on SlideShare from creative agencies including ColumnFive, Jess3, Ogilvy WorldWide, Ethos3, and MSLGrou; infographic marketplaces like; and companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Kivney, Kelly OCG and Network Appliance.

Now try uploading your own infographics to SlideShare and see how they take off! Need tips on how to create a standout infographic? Check out our infographic on what makes great infographics, above, designed by Column Five Media.

Editor's Note: This post was syndicated from the SlideShare blog.