LinkedIn InDay for Good, Chicago-Style [SLIDESHOW]

July 26, 2013


Editor’s Note: Once a month, we give a day back to employees to invest in themselves and their communities. This July InDay, the theme was LinkedIn for Good. 25 of our offices around the globe organized 54 activities to empower employees to use their skills and talents to give back. Here’s how the day went in our Chicago office.

LinkedIn for Good is my favorite InDay theme. I am deeply inspired by our company’s vision to create economic opportunity for every professional in the world. I am not alone. The people I work with every day are passionate about transforming lives. We feel connected to our company’s mission and vision in our daily work. And we are grateful for the opportunity to take a break from our jobs to pursue our passions and benefit the community.

LinkedIn for Good was the theme of the first InDay ever in July 2010. Our 20-person sales team comprising the Chicago office was so passionate about being involved, we created a deck on the Top 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage LinkedIn. Three years later, our office of 200 employees led by our InDay Committee Leader Kate O’Leary organized activities around five LinkedIn for Good Signature Volunteer Programs, all started by passionate employee volunteers. From educating nonprofit leaders on how to advance their mission through LinkedIn to creating care packages for people in need, our Chicago team was thrilled to spend our InDay helping to create economic opportunity for professionals in our community.

Here’s an overview of the activities that inspired us:

What’s truly phenomenal is that we were just one of the 25 LinkedIn offices that participated in LinkedIn for Good InDay. See how my colleagues gave back to their communities around the world below: