Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand On LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 29, 2013


Did you know that an average of 45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn? Your LinkedIn profile can be your ticket to a variety of new professional opportunities like partnerships, jobs, mentorships, volunteering or new business. On LinkedIn, you have complete control of how you want to be portrayed professionally to the world -- whether it's by showing how skilled you are in portfolio management or product design or by highlighting some of the most interesting projects you're working on at the moment. Your LinkedIn profile is a place where you can share your career aspirations and goals with other like-minded professionals.

It’s easier than you may think to make your profile catch the eye of potential partners, employers and clients. Adding a new skill for your contacts to endorse, or updating your Experience section with rich visual content such as presentations, photos or videos, can help make your profile stand out. To help you get started, we’ve put together a fun infographic with five simple steps you can take to transform your profile from a static online resume to an engaging and eye-catching portfolio that represents you and your professional brand.