How to Be an Entrepreneur in Your Internship

August 2, 2013


You may not realize it but interns are really entrepreneurs; they have limited resources, take risks, and search for potential investors. While entrepreneurs are typically trying to get people to invest in their business ventures, interns are doing all they can to get people to invest in their careers.

During my summer internship at LinkedIn, I’ve been an entrepreneur in a variety of ways. This approach has helped me to learn, grow, and connect during my time here. There’s a lot of value in thinking entrepreneurially in any setting. Here are a few tips from my personal experience on how to be an entrepreneur in your internship:

  1. Be innovative: Take advantage of what makes you unique and don’t try to fill the same roles as your full-time co-workers. Think about ways you can be innovative in your role and focus on the advantages and different perspectives an intern can bring. During my first week at LinkedIn I met with some people from our Higher Education team to discuss how we could engage students more on LinkedIn. I was shocked at how much my input was valued. My own experience as a college student was insightful and valuable because it gave me a different perspective than the rest of their team.

  1. Build a brand: Social networks provide a great opportunity to build your personal brand, and great entrepreneurs know the importance of managing their online identity. LinkedIn is an especially great way to illustrate what you’re doing in your internship. Use your profile as both a résumé and portfolio by incorporating photos, videos, and SlideShare presentations of your work. Add the Volunteer