A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine [SLIDESHOW]

October 3, 2013

Professionals today are as diverse and unique as their fingerprints. They are out in the world learning, creating and building with limited ways to show these achievements and aspirations. As a professional whose work is represented through visuals, not just words, it’s a challenge I’ve been all too familiar with. For the first time, LinkedIn is giving creative “right brained” professionals like myself a new way to showcase our best and brightest achievements through pictures, videos, documents and more.

And we’ve been blown away by what our members have done. So we set out to find three profiles that really shine, and asked those members what inspired them to share, what they’ve gained and what advice they have for other professionals interested in demonstrating what they do in a compelling way.

Here are some of their lively, inspirational and compelling stories:


Aisha Campbell – Makeup Artist

1. What inspired you to upload visual
 content to your LinkedIn profile?

As an artist, my work is more visual than anything else. While creating my LinkedIn profile, I noticed the option to upload files, which I didn’t realize was possible. I immediately decided to add samples of my work for potential clients and jobs. I always want to show what I have done and my potential.

2. How has uploading visual content 
to your LinkedIn profile helped you 
in your career?

The visual content I uploaded has gotten great reviews from those that I have shared my LinkedIn profile with and I’m sure it is one of the reasons clients choose to work with me. I always want everyone to see my work not just read about it.

3. What are your tips for other LinkedIn

To my fellow LinkedIn members I would say, be very detailed in your descriptions. If you have visual content, share as much as you can and a variety of it. In that way, your potential clients, bosses, colleagues and workmates can not only see what you have done, but what you can do. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Paul Maloney – Personal Chef

1. What inspired you to upload visual content to your profile?

I knew that in today’s economy, with everything switching over rapidly to being online, I needed a "one stop shop" that I could refer people to when searching for jobs or looking for people that might join my team. I also wanted to showcase some of the awesome things I’ve done for some pretty high profile people. After my time in the military, it became obvious that the job market was not the same as when I joined the military 16 years prior. Rarely is the job hunt about going into an office and asking for a paper application, these days everything is online. I realized that instead of sending employers, or recruiters, emails with attachments and various documents, I could take my time and really put some effort into the services that LinkedIn has provided me. There I can showcase a full and thorough history of my jobs, awards and experience as well as various pictures of events and food that I have done. This way my LinkedIn profile becomes a "one stop shop" that paints a picture of who I am and what I could bring to a potential employer.

2. How has uploading visual content to my profile helped your career?

Since I took the time to put up food pictures, I have not only received an increase in views to my profile, but more people have reached out to connect with me about potential job opportunities and to share other valuable information. I share content on other social networks as well, but LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to catch the attention of potential recruiters or professional contacts since it’s a place where many of these individuals are naturally looking anyway. You never know who will stumble across your profile, so it should always look its best!

3. What are your tips for other LinkedIn

Take the time to take full advantage of LinkedIn like I have. A little bit of time spent definitely pays off when you get that unexpected phone call or email from an employer or connection with a potential life changing career opportunity. Many employers now also accept your LinkedIn profile as a job application. This makes the process so much easier and saves a lot of time! I can tell you personally that every time I have applied for a job with my profile, I have at least received an email or call response. To me, this shows that they were interested in what they saw on my profile, took the time to read it and maybe even shared it with others.

Lyndsay Petruny – TV Host & Sideline Reporter for the Chicago Bears

1. What inspired you to upload visual content to your LinkedIn profile?

As a sports broadcaster, my demo reel is my resume. Each demo reel I've created in my career has led me to opportunities and helped me climb the ladder in the broadcast business. Including it on my LinkedIn profile gives me a chance to showcase my work and continue to build my brand, which opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities.

2. How has uploading visual content to your LinkedIn profile helped you in your career?

By leveraging the rich media feature, my career highlights are consolidated into one centralized location. There is no need for professionals to visit several websites to find examples of my reporting. My LinkedIn profile provides them with an interactive resume. My broadcasting positions and corresponding multimedia are presented in an organized, easy-to-understand format.

3. What are your tips for other LinkedIn members?

Using LinkedIn's rich media feature to add visual content to your profile will make it unique and separate it from others in your industry. Photos, presentations, and links to your work will enhance the fantastic achievements you've already included in your profile. As the old saying goes, "Don't just tell them, show them."

We hope these examples inspire you to take advantage of your LinkedIn portfolio. Have a great shot of a set you worked on? Post it. Want to flex those design muscles by showing off your latest creation? Post it.

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