A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine [SLIDESHOW]

October 3, 2013


Professionals today are as diverse and unique as their fingerprints. They are out in the world learning, creating and building with limited ways to show these achievements and aspirations. As a professional whose work is represented through visuals, not just words, it’s a challenge I’ve been all too familiar with. For the first time, LinkedIn is giving creative “right brained” professionals like myself a new way to showcase our best and brightest achievements through pictures, videos, documents and more.

And we’ve been blown away by what our members have done. So we set out to find three profiles that really shine, and asked those members what inspired them to share, what they’ve gained and what advice they have for other professionals interested in demonstrating what they do in a compelling way.

Here are some of their lively, inspirational and compelling stories: