LinkedIn: Powering Professional Moments Wherever You Are

October 23, 2013

Gone are the days when your career is confined or bound to a set schedule. Now, the opportunity to change your career trajectory can happen anywhere, at any time. People are cultivating their goals and aspirations on the go, and finding that their career is more satisfying when it transcends what they do from 9-5. Your professional identity can span beyond the desk we sit in now, to where we aspire to be perhaps five, or even ten years from now.

Whether you’re at your office in Denver, standing in line at a coffee shop in Dubai, or on your couch at home -- the LinkedIn experience and knowledge flow is seamless from one device to the other, and from one timezone to the next. When you combine the unique business knowledge accessible on LinkedIn with the power of a global professional network, you can turn an aspiration into a reality. And we want to help make each of your professional moments matter -- whenever and wherever you may be.

Today in San Francisco, at our live press event, we shared that in the third quarter of 2013, mobile accounted for 38% of unique visiting members. In some markets, it has eclipsed 50% and members who use LinkedIn on mobile and desktop are 2.5 times more active than those that use desktop only. We believe mobile plays an integral role in the changing landscape of work and here are three ways we plan to make LinkedIn an indispensable part of your daily professional life:

  • Reinvent: The mobile landscape changes and evolves at a remarkable speed. Resting on our laurels is not an option. Our teams work hard to remain vigilant, nimble and adaptable. That’s why we have completely reimagined LinkedIn app for iPad this morning and why we’ll continue to innovate and bring fresh new and modern experiences to your fingertips.
  • Redefine: Not all professionals are the same and the definition of “work” is evolving. Work is no longer tied to a desk. Today, work is a recruiter out in the field being able to quickly respond to a candidate’s application or a sales professional managing their relationships on the go. The way our members are engaging with mobile is changing and different apps for different needs makes sense. Last week, we introduced a brand new mobile experience tailored for recruiters and today, we previewed on stage a completely integrated Pulse and LinkedIn experience, personalized around the professional news you care about and the topics that matter most to you. We look forward to launching the new Pulse experience very soon.
  • Reimagine: LinkedIn’s growth has been very strong, but it’s our continued expansion into new areas that is the most exciting. As we look at the different expectations of mobile compared to desktop, we have an opportunity to change the way people think about how LinkedIn can help you advance your career or take you to the next level. And today, we’re excited to unveil how we believe we can transform your inbox with the power of LinkedIn through the launch of LinkedIn Intro. Giving you quick access to everything you need to know about someone right within the email will be a game-changer for how you manage your inbox – where we spend 28% of our day.

We believe LinkedIn can power every professional moment you have, whether it is on the road, in the office and everywhere in between. We want to help you make the these moments matter, productive, and seamless.

Throughout the day, you’ll hear more from our team about the specific launches of LinkedIn app for iPad and LinkedIn Intro, so keep checking the LinkedIn Blog for more details, and we look forward to continue bringing you a great LinkedIn experience across all devices and platforms.