Get the Most Out of LinkedIn with the New Premium Guided Tour [SLIDESHOW]

October 24, 2013


Whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to build relationships with potential customers, LinkedIn Premium is a powerful tool to help you get ahead in your career.

But like any new tool, Premium can take some getting used to. That’s why we’re happy to announce a new guided tour for LinkedIn Premium members, designed to help you take full advantage of LinkedIn to achieve your professional goals. The tour is available for all Premium members who use LinkedIn in English, with additional languages coming soon.

Here are three ways the new tour can help you unlock the full power of LinkedIn Premium:

  1. Tackle your main professional goal first: Choose one of four customized tours based on the goal you’re trying to achieve, from standing out and getting found to finding and getting in touch with new leads. Simple cues guide you through the features that will kick-start your success.
  2. Learn by doing: There’s nothing better than seeing what you can do in the context you’ll be doing it. The new guided tour highlights new information about Who’s Viewed Your Profile, advanced search filters, InMail, and more.
  3. Take a refresher course anytime: If you need a refresher, or want to know about other use cases, you can always find the tours from the Premium tutorial page.

Check out the new guided tour in the slideshow below and make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIn Premium experience.