Introducing A New Way to Add Certifications to Your LinkedIn Profile

November 14, 2013

Your next career-defining opportunity might be just around the corner, and it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re putting your best professional foot forward at all times. Your LinkedIn Profile is that 24/7 representation of your professional knowledge and achievements – and beginning today, we’re teaming up with some of the biggest names in online education to help you seamlessly update your profile with your educational accomplishments as you complete certifications or courses. This is just the first step LinkedIn is taking to make it easier for you to keep your professional profile up to date and to showcase how you’re expanding your professional knowledge.

As part of our Direct-to-Profile Certifications pilot program with premier online education companies, including Coursera, EdX,, Pearson, Skillsoft, Udacity and Udemy, LinkedIn is making it easy for members to update their profiles.

How does it work? After the completion of a course with a participating provider, you will receive an email with a link that will present you with an automatically populated certification field, complete with the details of the course you just completed. When you click “Save,” it will seamlessly add the certification or completed course work to your LinkedIn Profile.


profile certification 1

profile certification 2

We look forward to working closely with the online education community to explore even better ways to make it easier for you to seamlessly update your LinkedIn Profile -- whether you’re on or off

Update: Additional participants of this program now include:

If you’re a certification provider, check out our Add to Profile microsite, and get the button or link to send to your users so they can share their certifications.