Introducing Your New SlideShare Homepage

December 5, 2013


Everyday, we are looking for ways to make it easier for you to discover and share content on SlideShare. In recent months we’ve made some pretty significant changes to make this possible, such as a redesign to our “Explore” and mobile web pages, which were refreshed to help you discover and share content more easily. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from you about ways we can improve the SlideShare experience, and today we’d like to unveil the latest iteration of our homepage.

More than 15 million SlideShares have been uploaded to-date, from presentations about design to infographics on technology trends– that’s a lot of great content. Our new homepage is designed to make it easier to discover, share and present on SlideShare, putting your professional content center-stage, while giving you new ways to find and discover content around specific areas of interest such as Technology, Business