Put Your Best Foot Forward With New Insights in the LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium Subscription

January 6, 2014

Insights are to job seekers what parachutes are to skydivers: invaluable. That’s why I’m excited to share that we’ve added new insights to the Job Seeker Premium Subscription to help you home in on the jobs you’re most qualified for and put your best foot forward. Here are the new insights:

Applicants: See an estimate of your ranking among the applicants based on information in your profile — like your Experience, Education, and Skills & Expertise — to help you better understand where you might stand.


Applications over time: Here, you can see how many members have applied for the job since it was posted, which lets you know how much interest there is in the job.


Who else is applying: This provides an anonymized list of the applicants. While you won’t know exactly who is applying, you may get a sense of their job titles and locations, as well as the industries they work in, and the companies they work for.


Seniority: You can see the seniority of the applicants, and the number of applicants at each level — like entry level, manager, director, and CXO. This insight is derived from the information on the applicants’ profiles.


Average connections at this company: Check out the average number of connections the applicants have at the company that posted the job, and the number of connections you have at the company. Referral is the number one hiring source, which makes this a particularly useful data point. After you’ve identified a job you’re qualified for and applied, you can contact the people you know at the company that posted the job, and ask them to introduce you to the hiring manager and recruiter.


Top skills and areas of expertise: This information shows you the skills and expertise the applicants have in common, including the ones you do and don’t have on your profile. This reminds you of the skills you’ve developed but forgot to add to your profile, and also highlights the skills you should focus on developing.


Education: See the levels of education and fields of study of the applicants. It helps you identify degrees and/or certifications you may want to earn to land the jobs that most interest you. And once you’ve obtained those degrees and/or certifications, we’ve made it super easy for you to add them to your profile via our new Direct-to-Profile Certifications pilot program.


Landing a dream job can be extremely challenging. We think these new insights will improve your job search process. If, after reviewing the job description and the competition, you conclude that you’re more senior or junior, or perhaps you lack key Skills & Expertise or degrees compared to the applicants, then you may want to continue your search for other jobs that are a better fit. If you think you’re competitive with the rest of the applicants, though, we encourage you to apply, contact people you know at the company, and ask them to introduce you to the hiring manager and recruiter.

Good luck with your next career endeavor!