Welcome Bright to the LinkedIn Family

February 6, 2014


When we first met Eduardo Vivas and his team at Bright, which we welcomed into the LinkedIn family today, we immediately hit it off.

We recognized instantly that LinkedIn and Bright have a lot in common. For example, we’re both passionate about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale and obsessed with increasing the effectiveness of the job seeking and recruiting processes.

At LinkedIn, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into developing products like “Jobs You May Be Interested In” and LinkedIn Recruiter that use data to match members with the right opportunities and employers with the right prospects at scale. And that’s why Bright is such a great fit. Its incredibly talented team takes the same data-driven approach to connecting people and employers, and has built a powerful matching technology that will help accelerate our efforts on multiple fronts.

Ultimately though, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce -- all three billion of them. Doing so will require increasing the volume of job opportunities available on LinkedIn. As we add more job listings over the next several years, Bright’s powerful matching technology will be integral to ensuring that the prospects we suggest to employers and opportunities we surface for prospects are increasingly relevant.

Please join me in welcoming Bright to LinkedIn. Click here for Bright’s take, and see some of our favorite Bright analyses in the SlideShare below.