Today is Safer Internet Day: One Good Thing You Can Do on LinkedIn

February 11, 2014

At LinkedIn, we’re committed to helping all of our members fulfill their career aspirations in a smart, safe, and successful way. This is why we’re proud to support Safer Internet Day and ConnectSafely in their efforts to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among young people.

Students are the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. Since we made LinkedIn available to teens last year, students like Patrick Mott have been leveraging our platform to pursue ambitious career goals. To ensure young people have the best experience on LinkedIn, we’ve partnered with ConnectSafely to educate teens and families about how to build their professional brand, manage their professional network, and obtain the knowledge they need to be more productive and successful.
Our Family Center is the one-stop shop for teens as well as families and educators to help young adults use LinkedIn in a savvy and successful way. Young adults are leveraging this resource to make the most out of their LinkedIn presence, understand professional ‘netiquette’, and learn about the higher levels of privacy we’ve put in place for them. Families and educators are finding tips from our Safety Partners in our Family Center about ways to keep teens safe online and the important conversations they should have with their kids or students.

Today on Safer Internet Day, ConnectSafely is encouraging everyone to do “one good thing” to highlight one thing you’ve done to make the online world a better or safer place. Join us in celebrating Safer Internet Day by doing “one good thing” on LinkedIn to send good vibes around your network. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Like or Comment on someone’s update in your homepage feed
  2. Congratulate someone on a new job or work anniversary
  3. Endorse someone for a Skill
  4. Write someone a Recommendation
  5. Share the causes you care about or organizations you support in the Volunteer Experience and Causes section of your LinkedIn profile

Share with us the “one good thing” you’ve done today on our LinkedIn Company Page or on Twitter @LinkedIn with the hashtag #OneGoodThing.