How LinkedIn Changed My Career Path

March 7, 2014

sabrina at pacific dental services

Talent development is my passion. It’s such a rewarding experience to guide people through their personal development and see them achieve their career goals. That’s why I pursued a master’s degree in Human Resources Management while working as a Store Manager at Starbucks. After earning my degree in July 2012, I looked for a new career where I could use both my background in operations and my education in human resources.

For more than a year, I used online job listings to find new career opportunities. Each time I applied was more frustrating than the next – I either never heard back or was told I wasn’t qualified.

I knew I had to try something different, so I turned to LinkedIn. Once I updated my profile, I started connecting with people I had worked with in the past and with recruiters at companies I was interested in working for. I was amazed that LinkedIn gave me unparalleled access to recruiters. I could InMail recruiters directly, allowing them to review the qualifications on my LinkedIn profile right away.

As I was exploring my 1st and 2nd-degree connections, I came across a recruiter for Pacific Dental Services. I researched the company and discovered they were looking for an Operations Manager, a job that seemed perfectly suited for me. I sent the recruiter an InMail, and got an immediate response – we set up some interviews and I landed an opportunity of a lifetime.

I’m now working as an Operations Manager at Pacific Dental Services, a company that supports dentists so they can concentrate on taking care of their patients. In my role as an operations manager, I help dental practices run more efficiently and ensure great experiences for their patients. I love so many aspects of my job. I love being in the dental field, helping patients improve their oral health, learning new things every day, and how invested senior leadership is in my personal development. Above all, I love my team and feel privileged to work with such talented individuals on a daily basis.

In just two weeks on LinkedIn, I experienced the type of career change I was dreaming of. The ability to interact directly with recruiters and employers helped me get my foot in the door. This opportunity has completely changed my career path, and I am forever grateful to LinkedIn for paving the way.

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