Thank You to Our 15 Million Members in the UK

Helping Create Economic Opportunity on a Global Level

March 11, 2014

It seems like only yesterday we announced LinkedIn’s 10 million member milestone in the UK and today, less than two years on, we have surpassed 15 million members. We’re honoured to play a part in the professional lives of millions of Britons, helping them be more productive and successful in their careers. With green shoots emerging in the economy, businesses need to find the best possible talent to support this growth now more than ever, and talent is something we are not short of here in the UK. Here is a little something we put together to represent our diverse UK member base:

As we look into the data behind the 15 million member milestone, it is encouraging to see that our fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn is students as their numbers have more than doubled in the past year. LinkedIn has become an essential resource for securing the first step on your career ladder. It is the place for people to begin their professional story and every day we hear numerous success stories on how LinkedIn has helped individuals achieve their goals. We are proud to help give students that foot in the door and the opportunity to connect with people who can offer the best advice to further their career.

Aside from students, our 15 million member base is quite diverse. You will find everyone from engineers to chimney sweeps. And if you ever need the help of a rocket scientist, we have 66 of them on LinkedIn in the UK! In fact, it is this diversity and the industrious dynamism of the British professional community that has made LinkedIn what it is today.

Those defining elements will also help to shape our future, which includes the development of the world’s first Economic Graph, a digital mapping of the global economy. As we continue to grow in the UK and around the globe, together we’ll continue to unlock insights and knowledge that can help create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Thank you to each and every member in the UK with whom we have reached this special milestone.