Introducing a New Destination to Stay Up-to-Date with Your LinkedIn Groups

April 4, 2014

One of the easiest ways to boost your professional brand on LinkedIn is to find other like-minded professionals to connect and exchange ideas with in LinkedIn Groups. But with so many great conversations, up-to-date news and valuable information available, people often ask, “Where do I begin?”  Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new destination designed to help you manage your participation in and discover LinkedIn Groups more efficiently and effectively.

Your Groups

To get started, simply select “Interests” from the menu at the top of your LinkedIn Homepage, then “Groups.” This new Groups landing page makes it easier to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in groups you manage or are a member of  -- making your time spent on LinkedIn and in LinkedIn Groups, more productive.

At the top of the page, you’ll see all of your current groups in one place. If the group has new activity, you’ll instantly see the number of updates, new discussions or job postings within that group when you hover over it. We’ve also made it possible to start or join a conversation in any of your groups directly from this page. New to groups?  We’ll help you get started by suggesting relevant groups you can join today.

Suggested Groups

We’ve also added a new conversation feed to give you a quick peek at conversations that took place since your last visit, making it easy for you to quickly jump in.

Groups Conversations

Here are a few tips for starting a conversation in groups:

  • Be thoughtful: Starting and participating in conversations within LinkedIn Groups is easy.  Ask thought provoking questions relevant to the interest and intent of the group to generate an engaging conversation among members of a group.
  • Be helpful: Groups can be a great way to showcase your expertise on a subject matter – so wherever you can, provide insightful answers that can really help another member. If you're sharing an article, it’s helpful to provide context on its relevance to the group to guide the discussion or just get things started.
  • Be relevant: Groups are a great way to boost your professional brand on LinkedIn, network with leaders in your field and capture the attention of potential recruiters, employers or business partners in your field -- but remember to focus on sharing content and questions that aren’t self-promotional in nature.

Can’t find a group that speaks to your professional passions?  Start a new group today.