Finding The “Future You,” and Real Innovation: Must Read Stories from the Economic Graph Showcase Page in July

August 4, 2014

Earlier this year, we launched the LinkedIn Economic Graph Showcase Page to feature stories from across the web from how to plan your next career move to LinkedIn research on the state of the global economy. We’ve found that some stories resonate with our members more than others, so at the end of each month we are recapping the most engaging content shared on the page to make sure you’re in the know. Here are the highlights from July:

You are helping us build the Economic Graph

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discussed the future of LinkedIn and how each LinkedIn member helps contribute to the Economic Graph’s biggest goals. Read (and watch):LinkedIn’s Vision for an Economic Graph: A Conversation With Jeff Weiner and Thomas Friedman.

What’s Next: LinkedIn data can help find the “future you”

Future Kurt Wagner

Ever wanted to ask your future self for career advice? LinkedIn helped one Mashable reporter find his “future self” - someone with a similar career history and a few more years’ experience. Then, he interviewed her. Read: How LinkedIn Found My 'Future' Self.

Career Advice: Innovation is not just about that light bulb moment

Innovation Light Bulbs

Innovation can come from anyone, not just Einsteins and Edisons. LinkedIn Influencer Jack Welch believes that innovation is "a series of little steps that, cumulatively, lead up to a big deal that changes the game." Read: You're Getting Innovation All Wrong.

Evolving Education: Tips to survive tricky interviews

Interview Candidates

Test your interview skills: Come up with an answer to “What is your personal view of leadership?” and other tricky questions for Harvard Business School applicants. Read: Harvard Business School's Most Important Interview Questions.

Global Picture: What the United Nations is doing to end world hunger

LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth interviewed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about gender parity, ending world hunger, and waking up at 5 a.m. Watch: What Drives the Man with the World's “Most Impossible Job”?

That’s the recap for July. See you in September when we take a look back at the top stories in August.