Discover the People Behind the Content on SlideShare Mobile

September 4, 2014

In line at the grocery store. On the subway ride to work. As a break between meetings. Professionals like you seize every opportunity to discover, learn and share - and you do it increasingly through mobile.

Today we’re excited to debut SlideShare’s updated Android app, with enhancements that make it even simpler for you to find and use great content on the go. It’s the newest development in how we help you discover people through content - and content through people. And now more than ever, our mobile experience is making it much easier to do this all around the globe - with 89% of users outside the U.S. and 9X the engagement of our mobile web and desktop experiences.

A more tailored approach to exploration

We’re making sure more relevant and personalized content is delivered right to you - whether you’re a seasoned executive prepping for a presentation of your own or a college student who wants to impress at that first internship. The people you follow - and those who follow you - are powerful sources of inspiration and information on the subjects that matter most to you, professionally and personally. Now, you’ll receive notifications when people in your network share new presentations, infographics and more.

Discovering more from the people who interest you

People use SlideShare when they want to be wowed by exceptional content - from beautiful infographics to powerful presentations. With this update, we’re shining the spotlight on the people and content that you find compelling. You can check out organized lists of presentations that other users have publicly uploaded and liked.


Extend your network by browsing through your followers to see who’s following them, opening up new avenues of exploration and knowledge sharing. Discover more by tapping on an author to identify other interesting content they’ve shared and connect your LinkedIn profile to your SlideShare accounts - which means you can now get a 360∘ view of the authors and their expertise through LinkedIn.


These changes build on what our mobile app already helps you do, including helping you understand the current insights on the topics you care about; see presentations from friends and colleagues; save SlideShares to read later, or when you’re offline; and easily spread the word and share great content with friends via your social networks.

And we’re delighted to see your mobile appetite. Here’s a quick look at some of our momentum since launch:

Don’t take our word for it, download the app now and read more on the SlideShare blog.