LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day is Back on November 6th

Have you got a PG (Parental Guidance) rated career?

September 17, 2014


From the moment our parents proudly displayed our first painting on the refrigerator to the day they offered their excited congratulations when we landed our first jobs, there are milestones in each of our lives that are cause for celebration both for us and our parents.

Then, as we start out on our careers, something curious happens. When we are achieving some of our biggest professional accomplishments, be that securing a big deal or completing an important project, the volume of that parental acknowledgment seems to reduce. Not because our parents stop caring, but because distance, lack of understanding, and an ever-changing world of work means they have fewer reference points to help them share our everyday successes.

We launched LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day (BIYP) last year to help bridge this generational gap when it comes to the world of work. More than 30 businesses all over the world opened the doors to their employees’ parents, and over 15,000 professionals showed their parents exactly what they did at work.

The experience was incredibly rewarding. Take it from someone who knows. My mum came into our London office last year – English isn’t her first language and getting her to understand the complex world of modern day public relations, let alone the minefield that is social media, was a big ask. None of that seemed to matter though. Soon after BIYP Day last year, I overheard my mum recalling (showing off?) to our family in Pakistan. I was somewhat touched to hear her say, amongst other things, how she always knew she was proud – and now she knew why.

Bring In Your Parents Day 2014 from LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day will be happening again on November 6th 2014. Visit for all the information on how you to get involved.