Every Win is Worth Celebrating

September 30, 2014

At LinkedIn, we’re committed to helping you achieve all types of success and we want to hear about them. Every day our members are celebrating big and small wins. Success in building relationships that can open the door to opportunity, in learning something new, and in being great at the job they’re in. Or maybe it’s closing a deal, confidently presenting in front of your boss or receiving feedback that brightened your day.

It’s easy to forget those small successes. Looking back on my career, I have been very fortunate to work with wonderful people at some amazing companies and to be part of many successful milestones. There were a few big moments, but equally important is the sum of all the small moments. It was those small moments that drove the feeling that I was making a difference, getting better at the job I was in, and that I was accomplishing just a little bit more every day.

Regardless of their size, these are the moments that not only help us find happiness in our jobs, but thrive. So starting today, we’re asking you to share your successes, big and small, with #workhigh5 on social media and let the world know that every win is worth celebrating.

See how a few of our members define their professional success and celebrate the small wins that help them thrive.

You define your success

The definition of professional success has evolved and changed as has work itself.   And our members embrace that.  For Lauren, changing industries and fitting in with a new set of culinary professionals was what she needed to build confidence and grow her network.

You know it when you see it

Small successes are what you make of them.  When you pause to notice them, it’s amazing what you’ll discover. For Angela, getting inspiration from the world around her is the ultimate reward for pursuing her passions.

Every day is the day

There’s no reason to wait for tomorrow, and Tim shows us that every day there’s an opportunity to learn something new and chart your own path to success.

It’s best when shared

Anyone who has achieved success knows that you don’t get there alone. All of the members we spoke with were quick to mention the people in their network who helped them get where they are.

Here’s to your success – we’ll be cheering you on.