Reimagining Reading: A New Pulse Experience on LinkedIn

September 30, 2014


Whether we’re prepping for a keynote or simply getting ready for a critical meeting, technology has made us all voracious consumers of knowledge. We’re hungry to read the right information at just the right time so we can be smarter, more informed, and better able to do our jobs each day.

Now, with LinkedIn’s redesigned reading experience, we’ve made it easier, faster and more enjoyable to absorb and share insights from LinkedIn Pulse, our news engine. Already, we’re seeing increased sharing, more views on each post, and more people writing as a result.

Design elements that enhance

Our new design is a purposeful one. With clean, uncluttered text, offset by strong images, and a smooth scrolling feature, we’re putting the emphasis where it belongs: on the content itself. For those of you who have access to publish posts on LinkedIn, this new design means your writing has the opportunity to really stand out. For readers, it’s now even easier to quickly target and consume helpful insights and thought-provoking points of view.

Consume and share personalized content

If you’re visiting LinkedIn through your laptop, you’ll finish reading a piece and scroll right to the next article in a series that’s curated just for you. On our mobile app, you’ll find more posts at the bottom from the author who originally captured your attention. Easily share with others in your LinkedIn network and other social platforms; join the discussion with a smart comment; and follow new voices and categories of interest. If you’ve written a post, track its progress with views, likes and comments, located prominently under the headline. You can jump in the conversations going on in the comments below your piece - or simply take note of what resonated for your next post.

Get where you want to go with enhanced navigation

Staying ahead of the professional curve means learning is a must-have component of every workday. That’s why we’ve integrated Pulse into the customized LinkedIn desktop news feed you see on the left as you’re reading. A fast scan of the column provides a visual cue on what might be relevant and interesting for you.

Experience the changes for yourself and let us know what you think: visit LinkedIn on the web and download the LinkedIn app on Android or iOS.