Map Your Professional Journey with SlideShare

October 24, 2014


You might hold the same job title as thousands of others in your field - but the path you took to arrive your career destination was utterly unique, shaped by your education, experiences, talents and maybe even a bit of serendipity.

But as we think about where we’re going, it’s often useful to see just how far we’ve come.

SlideShare’s new Professional Journey offers just that: a dynamic interactive look back at all that you’ve accomplished - from your skills to where you were educated, from your years of experience to the types of positions you’ve held. It’s a memorable visual you can use as part of your professional branding - whether you’re happy where you are or starting to think about your next move.

Try it out today - and share it on LinkedIn and your other social channels. The Professional Journey tool is the first - but not the last - way to create and publish relevant content on SlideShare with one click - stay tuned for new developments.