Writing and Sharing on LinkedIn Just Got Easier

November 4, 2014


Many authors have particular writing rituals. George Orwell wrote in a secondhand bookshop. Ernest Hemingway wrote while standing. Charles Dickens needed his desk just-so to pen his masterpieces. While the methods may vary, the goal is the same—to find and channel inspiration.

When we were redesigning the blogging experience on LinkedIn, we looked to these authors for our own inspiration. We asked ourselves: how do writers want to write?

Our new experience - clean, elegant and intuitive - was created with you in mind. Whatever your style, your subject, your background, we’ve made it easier than ever to share insights and ideas with the world in a blog post.

Want to give writing on LinkedIn a try? Here’s how to make the most of our redesign:


Pick a vibrant visual

Add a cover photo to make your post stand out. We’ve made it simple to include a big, bold visual that sets the tone for your words. Readers are 14 times more likely to click on blogs that include a compelling image. Cut visual clutter and pick one that has one strong, central focal point. Go for crisp colors or dramatic black and white - and make sure the image ties in with the themes in your blog.


Choose a killer title

After the cover photo, a headline is the next step in grabbing a reader’s attention. Help LinkedIn members find, like, share and comment on your insights by firing up your piece with a catchy, interesting title that aligns with your subject matter. As with the rest of the new writing experience, simple is best—no need to make your title overly complicated.


Be thoughtful about length

With our redesign, writing your post looks nearly identical to reading the final published piece. Take note of the white space that puts the focus where it belongs: your message. If you can make a powerful point in 400 words, perfect! If it’s going to take you 2,000 to get into the nuances, that’s ok. Just remember that people won’t stick around if you ramble - but they will read a long piece that continues to deliver value, like this one does.


Concentrate on the content - that’s what matters

In the end, it’s what you say and how you say it that will resonate with readers on LinkedIn. The best posts incorporate the experiences and perspectives that are unique to you, the author—and leave readers with something to think about. When you do this, you build your professional brand, expand your network and followers, and educate fellow professionals.