Create and Share Powerful Visual Stories on SlideShare with Haiku Deck

November 6, 2014

Creating presentations that pack both purpose and punch can be challenging and time-consuming.

Today, SlideShare users can quickly and easily create compelling visual presentations and share them directly with our community of more than 60 million people, through a special integration with Haiku Deck. This marks our new phase of exploring tools that will help our users more effectively share their professional expertise and insights through the power of pictures - for content marketing, professional branding, and knowledge exchange.

Whether you start your presentation on Haiku Deck and publish to SlideShare, or create your deck directly on SlideShare, it’s an easy process.

Using Haiku Deck’s streamlined design templates and robust library of visuals, you cancreate presentations on SlideShare in three straightforward steps:

  • Craft your message: Choose the type of slide format you want and simply type your text.
  • Select outstanding images: Search millions of free, high-quality Creative Commons images to make a powerful statement or upload your own.
  • Choose a style: Pick from a range of fonts, background colors and design layouts to give your deck the exact look and feel you want.

The ability to make presentations on SlideShare is optimized for our desktop experience, but once you publish your deck, it can be viewed on all platforms, including on our Androidand iOS apps.

Stay tuned as we offer you more ways to strengthen and share your professional expertise and ideas with others. In the meantime, start exploring! Get visual inspiration from top contributors, including Arianna Huffington (“How To Thrive”), Deepak Chopra (“Take Charge of Your Brain”), and Reid Hoffman (“7 Myths of Start-up Financing”). Learn how tocreate your own great Haiku Decks - and discover the types of presentations that resonate.