Extend Your Professional Brand to SlideShare with One Click

November 14, 2014


On LinkedIn, you can showcase your unique professional story by posting rich, visual content such as presentations and videos. Starting today, you can share that same content on SlideShare with just one click, extending the visibility and reach of your professional identity.

Here’s how

  • Upload a presentation, infographic or video to your LinkedIn profile
  • If you’re brand-new to SlideShare, LinkedIn will ask if you want to publish your content there as well
  • If you already have a SlideShare account, LinkedIn will ask if you want to publish this new content using your existing account

If you’re a first-time SlideShare user or simply wondering how to make the most of it, here are three quick tips:

Visual is viral

Ever hear that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? That’s especially true with presentations, where images have impact. Go for beautiful imagery and just enough wording to make your point. Ask yourself - or better yet, a friend or colleague you trust to be honest - if the images you’re including make sense and illustrate your points well. Tailor accordingly.

The message matters most

Why should people care about your topic? What do you want them to walk away with? How timely, relevant, and helpful is it? Who are you trying to speak to? The more clearly you can articulate these answers to yourself - before you create a presentation or infographic - the stronger your content will be.

Inject energy

Don’t fall into the template trap or the rut of routine. A visual play on words, fun typography, an analogy done totally with graphics, making innovative use of your screen real estate - there are many ways to liven up your presentations, infographics and documents.

With 60 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is the world’s largest community for discovering and sharing professional knowledge through presentations, infographics, documents and videos. We’ve also recently enhanced our presentations page so that your content plays the starring role - a simple design enables your expertise to take center stage. Explore the site to see some great examples - and give it a try!