2015: A Look Ahead with LinkedIn’s Technical Women Leaders

December 22, 2014

LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful, so it's no surprise that, as employees, we are always thinking about what's next in our career.

As 2014 comes to a close, I stopped to reflect on the year and to think about what career goals are most important for me in the year ahead. I realized they really boil down to two key priorities: build amazing new experiences for our members to help them reach their professional goals and give back to the women at LinkedIn and the community to empower more women to get into the tech industry and stay here.

I gathered some of the other technical women leaders at LinkedIn to pose the same question. In addition to their specific career development goals, the cultural initiatives that rose to the top of their priority list were mentorship and community. Whether it’s committing time to volunteer with organizations like Girl Scouts or TechWomen or contributing to internal and Bay area wide women in tech networks, these women are dedicated to empowering others who are or aspire to be in technical fields.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the goals that LinkedIn’s technical women leaders are setting for 2015:

christina quarrato headshot

“Not only am I blessed to work with some of the most powerful women in tech, I’m very excited to be a part of a team leading recruiting efforts and strategy for women in technology. In 2015, I hope to build relationships with young, talented female designers from around the world, and connect them to their dream opportunities.” - Christina Quarrato, Associate User Experience Designer




sarah clatter“In 2015, I look forward to working in my new role as a Board member of Girl Scouts of Northern California to help introduce 15,000 girls to computer science and to mobilize some of our LinkedIn women in tech to help with that initiative.” - Sarah Clatterbuck, Senior Manager of Web Development




segal“In 2015, I want to establish a training program at LinkedIn that empowers women in our field to become CEO’s of their careers. I want to make sure all the women on my team have the opportunity to attend training sessions to learn new skills and feel inspired.” - Shikha Sehgal, Partner Engineer





“In 2015, I want to enhance my technical skills by learning new web frameworks such as AngularJS and Django. I also want to continue building my network of women in technology throughout the Bay area so we can all work together to help inspire younger girls to pursue careers in tech.” - Allison Hall, Associate Web Developer





“In 2015, I want to work towards making technology accessible to everyone by taking on more accessibility projects. I also want to play an active part in empowering women to become a better version of themselves by providing the opportunities to learn new skills and by developing a mentorship system." - Ketaki Deo, Web Developer




SwethaKarthik“As a Linkedin ambassador and mentor for the the Technovation program in 2015,  I want to make sure I do everything in my capacity to encourage and help the next generation realize their potential and follow their passion to take the next step in their career.” - Swetha Karthik, Senior Software Engineer




Caroline Gaffney profile photo“Next year, I want to raise awareness for unconscious bias in our everyday interactions.  This is important for both men and women to think about as it impacts everything from decision making to promotions to hiring.” - Caroline Gaffney, Head of Product for Slideshare




Kavita Sangwan"My resolution for 2015 is to elevate my involvement in LinkedIn’s Women in Tech initiative and to empower the next generation. I’m committed to building a strong network of smart, talented women in tech that spans the companies across the Valley.” - Kavita Sangwan, Staff Technical Program Manager





“Next year, I want to help establish and maintain a mentoring program for women in tech here at LinkedIn. Peer and more senior mentors have been extremely helpful to me both professionally and personally, and I would love for others, especially women, to have easy access to the same mentorship opportunities.” - Lizabeth Li,  Senior Product Manager