Privacy and Transparency at LinkedIn: What You Can Do

January 28, 2015

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international program aimed at raising privacy awareness and encouraging people to take steps to manage their online presence. In that spirit, we invite you to get to know your LinkedIn privacy settings, and to review the latest installment of our transparency report, published today. The report shows how many times law enforcement or other government officials asked us to provide member data over the last six-month period. It also describes how we support modernizing and reforming government surveillance and data access laws.

We also wanted to use Data Privacy Day to urge you to take five minutes to enhance your security on LinkedIn by turning on two-factor authentication. Members with SMS message capability can add this extra layer of security to their account, so if an account is accessed by a device we don’t recognize, the account holder will be asked to enter a verification code sent by SMS text message to their phone.

We’ll continue to post security and privacy tips here, so check back often.