LinkedIn’s Culture of Transformation [SLIDESHARE]

March 11, 2015


Culture is something we take pride in at LinkedIn. As the collective personality of our organization, it sets us apart, defines who we are and shapes what we aspire to be.

We know that a company’s culture is more than a set of guiding principles; it is brought to life by the employees who exemplify it on a daily basis. At LinkedIn, talent is our number one operating priority. Each LinkedIn employee knows that while they are at Linkedin, they have the opportunity to transform themselves, the company, and the world. And that is why we place such an important emphasis on our employees, the real culture owners.

Culture is an integral element of many organizations and businesses. So much so that hundreds of companies have defined their unique cultures on SlideShare as part of the Culture Code campaign. We thought it was important for LinkedIn to join in this effort; we want everyone, including our current and our future employees, to know exactly what it’s like to work here:

Check out the Culture Code conversation on SlideShare to see how companies like Dell, IDEO, and Netflix define their company culture.