Introducing LinkedIn Magic Mirror: Professional Photo Filters To Help You Find Your Hidden Career Ambitions

April 1, 2015

Not sure what your next career move should be? Do aptitude tests seem to miss the nuances of who you really are? LinkedIn’s latest product Magic Mirror may have the answers and – unbelievably – the secret may lie in your profile photo.

Introducing LinkedIn Magic Mirror, professional photo filters to help reveal your hidden career dreams.

How does it work?

First, upload a new profile photo. Then simply click and wave the “magic” wand icon to reveal your secret career goals.

What happens next? Our algorithms will get to work on a complicated equation that takes into account your location, the majors you changed in college, your career history, the games of pretend you played as a child (often still detectable along your jawline), words that appear frequently in your recommendations (like “visionary,” “wizard,” or “hootenanny”), plus anything you’ve ever ALL CAPPED on your profile.

It also factors in visual details like your outfit’s color palette, style, and whether or not your haircut works for you.

Next – our sophisticated filters fueled by "magic", Settlers of Catan, and technical genius, will uncover your hidden dream careers. You’ll see them appear right there in the photo.

Magic Mirror UI
After an exhaustive and comprehensive big data crunch, we found that the VP of Product at Santa Claus Industries topped our list of members’ Top 10 hidden career ambitions. Shocking, we know.


So say goodbye to uncertainty and say hello to the photo filter that predicts your brightest path – and helps you pursue dreams you may not even be conscious of.