New LinkedIn Security Site: Helping Members and Businesses Better Understand our Security Practices

April 3, 2015

LinkedIn is the professional network that our members and enterprise customers use to become more productive and successful. We recognize and appreciate the trust they place in us, and work hard to make sure we continue to earn it.

Today we’ve launched a new security site to help our members and the businesses that use LinkedIn better understand our security practices.

security site

The site outlines the security practices LinkedIn has in place such as password protection, data encryption, application security, physical security, and secure networks to protect information residing on our platform.

As the LinkedIn platform continues to evolve, the impact we have on both individual members and the companies they work for continues to expand. In the future, we’ll expand this site to include whitepapers on how we handle data and the security features and diligence we’ve built into our products.

At LinkedIn, our “members first” value powers all of the decisions we make, including our approach to security. We are committed to keeping our services secure and we never stop working to ensure LinkedIn is safe for our members and for the businesses that engage with our platform.