InDay: Investing In Our Employees So They Can Invest In Themselves

July 29, 2015


Each month, LinkedIn gives employees a day to focus on themselves, the company, and the world. A day to invest, inspire and innovate. That day is called Investment Day, or “InDay” for short, and it is one of our most treasured traditions at LinkedIn.

At LinkedIn, Talent is our number one operating priority, and investing in our employees by dedicating one day a month to invest in themselves goes a long way in fostering the culture that was created when we were a much smaller company.

In fact, InDay started in 2010 when LinkedIn had less than 1,000 employees. Today, we’re north of 8,000 with offices in 30 cities around the world, and InDay has remained one of the most important elements of our company and culture.

Each of the 12 monthly themes - such as giving back, relationships, learning, wellness and play - reveals the essence of who we are as a company. On any given InDay, from Bangalore to Omaha, co-workers and managers connect, create and collaborate to build the culture in which they want to work.

Every company has a culture unique to them. Managers and leaders play an important role as stewards of their company culture. If you are looking to connect with your employees, in whatever way resonates with your company, here are a few ideas for how you can be their champion:

  • Establish a “no meetings” day. Cancel all non-critical meetings and provide your employees the opportunity to carve out an hour or two to enrich their learning with an online class, such as offered through
  • Be an advocate. Whatever events or activities are happening in your Company, encourage your employees to join in.
  • Inspire involvement. Ask team members to volunteer to plan a team event.
  • Show up and participate. Employees often model their manager’s behavior, so make the time to show up, be present and participate with your team.

At LinkedIn, InDay is one of the best perks we offer. Watch this video and you will see why InDay is such a big part of our #LinkedInLife.