LinkedIn Publishing Goes Global with Localized Languages

August 4, 2015


As professionals, we all have our own perspective on the world around us, but until recently, we didn’t always have the right platform to share it on. That’s why it came as no surprise that when we made it possible for all English speaking members to publish long-form posts on LinkedIn, it quickly became one of the fastest growing features on the site. Today, LinkedIn has become known as the definitive professional publishing platform around the world. In fact, more than 1 million people have published more than 3 million posts on LinkedIn on a variety of subjects from salary negotiation to what makes inspiration relative, pushing us to question what we can change in the world around us.

Today, I’m excited to share that members in other languages around the world will soon be able to publish on LinkedIn, beginning today with Portuguese. In the months ahead, we will add other languages, starting with German and French, and will be welcoming new Influencers to LinkedIn in each language as we go.

In fact, nearly two dozen new thought leaders will begin publishing today on LinkedIn in Portuguese. Over the past few weeks we’ve given early access to some of our members in Brazil, and we’re already seeing thousands of high-quality posts making their way onto LinkedIn. With nearly 22 million members in Brazil, the potential to reach a new audience, be discovered by like-minded professionals and expand the professional reach is tremendous. From building relationships and establishing themselves as experts, to landing new opportunities and growing their businesses -- the benefits that LinkedIn members are experiencing make us even more excited to bring these tools to all of our members, around the globe.

If you haven’t published on LinkedIn, now is the time to start. Whether it’s sharing your professional perspective on a current event, lessons learned from your career, insights on industry best practices or another topic, sharing your knowledge on LinkedIn is a great way to increase your exposure to like-minded professionals, build your unique brand and drive real results both on LinkedIn and off.