Celebrating Leadership & LinkedIn Power Profiles 2015 in India

August 13, 2015

LinkedIn Indial Power Profiles 2015

­­At LinkedIn, we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about leadership. What does it look like, what drives leaders, how can people aspire to become one, and what makes a great leader? There’s a deep desire to learn more, share those insights with our members, and celebrate those who exemplify great leadership. While there’s varied thoughts on the subject, one thing that’s clear is that great leadership can deeply impact your personal life, company success, and the growth of an entire nation.

On August 15th, India will celebrate its 69th Independence Day; this prompted us to reflect on our history and rediscover that inspiration.

Among the factors that led to India’s success and transformation as a country, there are three that inspired us: visionary leadership, innovation, and a spirit of entrepreneurship. As India is on another brink of transformation, it’s hard not to notice the same signs that drove the freedom movement coming back into play, particularly with India’s top talent. We want to celebrate this transformation and talent, and to do so,  we decided to use insights and signals from our members – the vast community of professionals in India.

We’re delighted to announce LinkedIn Power Profiles 2015 in India – the most-viewed professionals across different industries including Internet, Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Telecommunications and Marketing & Advertising. Besides garnering the highest profile views on LinkedIn, what’s common among all these members is the investment in the right skills and qualities. This makes them exemplary professionals, who can inspire 31 million+ members across India.

Through these members’ stories, we can see the potential in India’s future and want to highlight what we can learn from them:

Visionary Leadership
A true leader must have a compelling vision to help steer people forward. Prime Minister Narendra Modi embodies this vision and drive, and is inspiring the nation with his plans for a Digital India, and powering a billion dreams. With over 1 million followers on LinkedIn, he is featured with other top leaders on the list of most-viewed CEOs in India, continuing to put the nation on the world’s map.


LinkedIn India Power Profiles 2015

On this list, you will find new industry leaders and disruptive, transformational members. Kumud Srinivasan is one such example and she has embraced personal transformation and fostered innovation at Intel India.

LinkedIn India Power Profiles 2015

Entrepreneurial Spirit
India will be the youngest country in the world by 2020 and as young professionals join the workforce, the new generation is shaping the economy. We’re seeing students and career starters leverage LinkedIn and showcase their ingenuity to raise funds for new businesses, reach customers and prospects in international markets, and build the right skills to launch successful careers. This entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what India needs in order to conquer challenges that are unique to emerging markets.

Identity and You

Leadership lessons are plentiful from these Power Profiles, but so are insights around the importance of understanding the power in your individual brand. Here are some tips to help:

Actively manage your identity: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and don’t forget a profile photo! Adding a professional photo makes you 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn.

Share your work: Whether via photos, videos or SlideShare presentations, share examples of your work on your profile to help showcase your skills.

Nurture your network: Our Power Profiles aren’t just the most-connected in India, but they also give back to the community in various ways. Some actively publish on LinkedIn, others share compelling articles, focus on skilled volunteer work, or invest time in mentoring students. Find your passion and go for it.

These are just a few of the simple steps that you can take to connect and grow professionally, to ultimately build a skilled and successful India.



LinkedIn used member data to pull profile views from 2014 to 2015 to arrive at the LinkedIn Power Profiles 2015 list. We also applied filters to capture engagement levels, besides views. Engagement includes visits, profile completeness and other actions on the platform. LinkedIn employees were excluded from the list.