LinkedIn SlideShare Introduces Clipping, Saving Your Favorite Content Just Got Easier

August 25, 2015


In 2006, SlideShare was launched with the mission of making knowledge sharing easy. Since joining LinkedIn in 2012, we have continued to build upon the SlideShare experience that professionals rely on to gather and share knowledge. Today, 70 million professionals come to SlideShare monthly, and to date have created and shared over 18M pieces of knowledge, making it one of the top 100 sites on the Internet.

With so many professionals sharing so much content, we’ve prioritized helping you discover, save, and organize knowledge to make learning even faster and easier. With that, we’re excited to announce that SlideShare is now LinkedIn SlideShare as well as introduce our latest feature, Clipping.

Clipping enables our users to identify and save the best slides within a presentation to a Clipboard. And deeper integration with LinkedIn identity brings credibility to the content - providing more details on the professional behind the content. There's so much information at our fingertips today, but it's often hard to separate the good quality content from the noise. With Clipping, research is made easier, and Clipboards are a handy way to keep everything organized by topic. You can also share an individual slide or an entire Clipboard with your networks. Starting today experts like Michelle Mazur are leveraging Clipping and Clipboards to highlight and share some of the most valuable content they’ve produced with their networks. Others like Reid Hoffman are using it as a source of inspiration, clipping slides that resonate most with them from some of their favorite presentations across SlideShare. Take a look at the LinkedIn SlideShare blog to get a deeper dive into how to start clipping and building your own Clipboards.

We think you’ll find Clipping to be an extremely useful addition to LinkedIn SlideShare. But it’s only the beginning. We know building your own brand is more important in today’s professional landscape than ever before, so as we continue to integrate with LinkedIn, we will be exploring more ways to organize the content most valuable to you, make it easier to position yourself as an expert as well as identify experts you want to learn from, and give you the tools you need to further personalize your SlideShare experience.

If you need a little inspiration, we invite you to take a look at what other SlideShare Influencers have started Clipping:

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