Unleash Your Inherent Greatness: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Deepak Chopra

December 7, 2015

Deepak Chopra LinkedIn Speaker Series

If you’re reading this, chances are you have the desire to be great at the things that you care about. Your career, family, personal accomplishment, whatever the case may be, you want to unlock its potential. As you progress, or regress, towards that greatness, there are things in your life that you probably attribute to your progression, and in the same breath things that you blame for any regression. If you already attribute your success to your genetic makeup, well then good for you. Reality is, most people either see their genes as having little impact on their success or they blame them for any shortcomings they may have. But what if you were told that the power to create the existence you desire for yourself, for the current world, and the future world, all resided within you?

In the latest LinkedIn Speaker Series, we were honored to have Deepak Chopra join LinkedIn’s VP of Leadership and Organizational Development, Fred Kofman, to discuss Deepak’s new book, Super Genes: Unlocking the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being.

Deepak Chopra is the founder of the Chopra Foundation and an internationally known expert in the field of mind-body healing. In Super Genes, Deepak explores how our genetic makeup isn’t entirely out of our control. As we strive to perform at high levels, it’s important to know that we are not living predetermined lives, destined to only be an expression of things we have no control over. On the contrary, we have control over how our minds and bodies react to various situations. The choices we make have genetic consequences that will influence us now, and also future generations.

Perhaps you find yourself doing, or even thinking, something that might not help your end goal. You may view these thoughts and behaviors as a result of how you’re wired, with no remedy other than to deal with it. But it can actually be influenced by the decisions you make. Decisions like the choices we make about food, water, movement, rest, a mindfulness practice, or the way in which we respond outwardly to the people and stimuli we encounter.

When we engage in behaviors that are with our nature; when we experience thoughts of compassion, equanimity, love, joy, empathy, or peace, we become equipped with our natural ability to thrive. Conversely, when our behaviors go against our nature, and we experience fear, hostility, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, or mistrust, we no longer are able to thrive, but instead enter a state of distress and ultimately wither. When we think about accomplishing our goals, there is no doubt that we all wish to the thriving, and not wilting.

As Deepak says in his conversation with Fred, it begins with awareness, moves to intention, and then to action. Our responsibility is to think, speak, and act in a way that is aligned with our purpose. When thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with our purpose our inherent greatness will flourish.

So what does that mean? There was one line during the talk that really connected it for me. The statement being that every experience has a biological correlate, and the question being, “Are you aware?” The more aware I am of all my experiences, and in turn my biological response to those experiences, the greater my chances of understanding my purpose and exhibiting the behaviors that will set me up for success.

Watch the full LinkedIn Speaker Series video below, or listen to the podcast, and learn more about how you can unlock the inherent power that exists within you.