20 Million Thank Yous

January 19, 2016

I was humbled when I heard the story of British entrepreneur Jess Ratty. After being refused a bank loan for her camper van rental company, Jess turned to her LinkedIn network. From her base in a small, seaside village, Jess had access to a global community who shared their knowledge and experience to help her succeed, and she hasn’t looked back.

LinkedIn was founded to level the playing field - to give everyone access to the same contacts and opportunities, regardless of where they come from, or who they know. Jess’ story sums up our ambition perfectly - to connect people with opportunities across the world.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that more than 20 million people are now using LinkedIn in the UK - that’s nearly 60% of the UK’s student and working population - which means access to even more connections; career possibilities; and business opportunities for our members.

So what does 20 million UK members look like today?

We celebrated this milestone yesterday with an event at our London offices to recognise some of our most entrepreneurial members – the UK professionals who were most viewed on LinkedIn in 2015 and who are using the platform to best effect. It was fantastic to hear how these professionals are using LinkedIn to get ahead in their careers. Find out more about these members, and read their tips for creating a ‘Power Profile’.

With more than 400 million members globally, we are closer than ever to achieving our vision of creating opportunity for every single member of the global workforce.

As well as taking this opportunity to thank all of my UK colleagues whose hard work has got us to this point, I also wanted to say a huge “thank you” to each of our 20 million members in the UK. We quite simply wouldn’t be here today without you.