Pursuing a Career of Purpose: A Story of Hustle, Ambition, and Yoga

March 7, 2016


Tranquility. Well-being. Spreadsheets. For most people, one of these words is not like the others. But all three can be found in the companies that hire Rebecca Mayne as their yoga teacher. Rebecca is on a mission to nourish the minds and bodies of corporate America, one downward-facing dog at a time.

But her career path wasn’t always clear to her. Rebecca first experienced the transformative power of yoga in high school, where a favorite teacher led the class through breathing exercises each morning. The mental and physical benefits of that simple ritual inspired her to learn more. Through high school and into college, Rebecca practiced every day, studying the history and methodology of the practice.

Soon, Rebecca found that her love for yoga was stronger than her interest in history or writing – the careers she thought she’d pursue.

I felt like I was leading a double life. I was going to school and learning one thing, but that no longer captured my attention and passion, now that I had discovered something so much richer.

After college, Rebecca went home to San Francisco to pursue her real moonshot: a full-time career as a yoga instructor. At first, she struggled to differentiate herself in an overcrowded market. Unwilling to give up her dream, she invested in further training and research, building her knowledge of the practice.

Slowly, Rebecca started to attract a following. She used her LinkedIn profile to display her credentials and experience. Studio owners not only took notice – they hired her. She connected with her new students on LinkedIn, keeping them updated on her schedule.

After attending several of Rebecca’s sessions, a student sent a message asking for private sessions at her workplace. That single message changed the course of Rebecca’s career.

Her student’s company, impressed with Rebecca’s background and qualifications, hired Rebecca as their yoga teacher. As she began leading sessions for employees, she found a new purpose: To adapt the physical and mental benefits of yoga to corporate life.

Today, Rebecca’s corporate client roster is nearly full with companies like Asana, Sprinklr, and SB Architects. She not only teaches classes, but also conducts team-building and relaxation retreats. And she’s starting to train new teachers, certifying instructors to meet the overwhelming demand for her services.

It’s a passion. It’s a hustle. It’s the amount of loving hours you put into it that really sets you apart.

Rebecca harnessed her passion and followed her ambition to bring something she loved to an audience who really needed it. She’s energized by her career every day, a unique combination of spiritual practice and small business genius.

Where will your ambition take you? Explore now: www.linkedin.com/closerthanyouthink