Managing Your Settings on LinkedIn is Now Easier Than Ever

March 10, 2016

Providing you with clarity and control when it comes to your experience on LinkedIn is a crucial part of our Members First philosophy. Today we’re excited to share that we are making “Privacy & Settings” even more convenient for you, with a streamlined hub to help you easily manage your LinkedIn account. It’s important to note that no settings have been taken away and no default or preferences have been changed - we’ve made sure all settings are in place and are easier to control.  

What’s New

When you visit the new “Privacy & Settings” page, you’ll see we’ve redesigned the entire experience, starting with quick details about your account at the top and all settings categorized into three groups: Account, Privacy and Communications.

  • Account includes things like adding email addresses, changing your password or language, and exporting your data.
  • Privacy covers all privacy and security settings related to what can be seen about you, what information can be used, and making sure your account stays secure with a second factor of authentication.
  • Communications houses your preferences for how LinkedIn and other members are able to contact you, and how frequently you’d like to hear from us.


We know that members enjoy connecting with colleagues and acquaintances in their networks. To make connecting easier, if a member has your email address or phone number in the contacts they upload to LinkedIn, we may suggest they connect with you. We’ve added new settings options that let you choose who can see you as a suggested connection when they have your contact info. As always, it's up to you to decide how you want to grow your network, and which invitations you want to accept.

Linkedin desktop settings example

We’ll be rolling out this new experience to all members in the next few weeks. In the meantime, be sure to turn on two-step verification for added security and add a backup phone number so you never get locked out of your account.