Lean Back and Learn: Lynda.com Courses Now Available on Apple TV

April 21, 2016

Are you a multi-tasker who likes to be more efficient with your time?  Starting today, you can stream and watch more than 4,500 expert-led courses right from the comfort of your couch, through your Apple TV. We know the shelf-life of skills are getting shorter and shorter. So whether it’s to brush up on new skills or it’s to stay on top of evolving ones, Lynda.com can help you stay ahead of the latest technologies.

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Some interesting courses you can take advantage of on Apple TV include:

As an added bonus, you can get hands-on practice on your laptop, tablet or phone as you watch and learn-alongside the big screen. We know multi-taskers are also over-achievers.

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You’ll need an active Lynda.com membership. If you’re not a member yet, you can subscribe here or browse the library and watch a great selection of free videos to give you a sampling of our course content.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Using your Apple TV remote, go to the ‘home’ screen and select the App Store

  2. Search for Lynda.com to find the app, then choose ‘Get’. After installation, the Lynda.com app will appear on the home screen.

  3. Launch the app to get a 6-digit code.  On your desktop or mobile device, go to lynda.com/connect to login and enter the 6-digit code to connect your Lynda account to your Apple TV.

  4. Now that the Lynda.com channel has been added to your Apple TV home screen, you can simply navigate to the Lynda.com tile any time, press “OK” on your remote--then lean back and browse, search and preview courses.

That should do it! You’re ready to go. Getting up to speed on a new skill or staying ahead in your career can now be done while leaning back in your living room.


To download the Lynda.com app, visit the app store on Apple TV.

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